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Safety: Attitude is Everything

28 May 2019

Having a safe attitude is more than just following the rules. It’s that extra something that means you care about safety – your own and that of your workmates!

You show you have safety in mind when you:

Focus on the job you are doing, even when you would prefer to be somewhere else.

Take time to do the job right. Even if it means getting out extra safety equipment, going over procedures and checking with your supervisor. Remember, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!

Take responsibility for safety, even when “it’s not my job”.

Do the right thing even if others want you to take shortcuts or fool around.

Know the risks of all tasks.

Make sure you:

  • Have been trained on the machine, tool or process.
  • Have been given all the information to do the task.
  • Have appropriate supervision.
  • Do it the right way, even though it means taking more time to get the job done safely.