I'm interested in an apprenticeship or traineeship

Looking at starting your career? My Gateway can help!

My Gateway employs apprentices and trainees and places them at host businesses to develop their industry skills and experience. We employ throughout the Sydney metro region and some other parts of NSW.

At My Gateway, we provide continuous support, guidance, and opportunities to help you reach your future career goals. Whether you want to open up your own business, be your own boss, work your way up in the corporate world, we are part of the journey to help get you there. Just think what you could achieve when you start with a powerful combination of real-world, hands-on experience, and matching qualification.

When you become an apprentice or trainee with My Gateway, you will receive the following benefits:

Start your career – get trained, get qualified and get the job of your dreams!

Be paid correctly – get paid on time every week with the correct wage

No student debt – we pay your TAFE/training fees

Job security – we can place you with an alternate business if work runs out

Dedicated mentor – we provide you with a support person to help guide you through your apprenticeship or traineeship

Be issued a work uniform – *trade specific

Safe work environment – all our work sites are safety checked

Job Descriptions

Interview Tips

Finding a job can feel stressful. Below are some of our tips on finding a job:

  • Don't apply for multiple jobs in different industries. The employer will be unsure about where your real desire lies and may not even contact you.
  • Use professional email addresses. Modern and ‘funny’ ones that are inappropriate do not sit well with employers.
  • Always maintain eye contact in the interview. This shows the employer that you are interested and confident in what they have to say.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview. Research the location, do a test run if you have to. Getting there 15 minutes early is always better than 5 minutes late. An employer may think you will be late for work if you can't get to an interview on time.
  • Make sure your referees speak highly of you. There is nothing worse than a bad reference from a recent employer.
  • Have your resume proof read before sending it to an employer. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will not help your cause. Do not put a photo of yourself on your resume as it is not necessary.
  • Dress well at all times. Poor presentation gives the employer the impression that your work performance may also be poor. It is better to overdress in a suit than turn up in torn and ripped jeans.
  • Remember the interview starts before you walk in the door. Be prepared to be on show the minute you apply for the job.
  • Make sure in your interview that you have good reasons for wanting the job. Being vague or sketchy is not what employers want to hear. Do practice interview questions at home to build your confidence.
  • If you are applying for a job, make sure you have an appropriate voicemail message on your phone. If an employer cannot contact you, then you may miss out.
  • Be conscience of your personal hygiene. Ensure you don’t smell of strong odors – eg cigarette smoke, body odor, strong cologne/perfume etc.
  • Know who to ask for when you arrive for an interview.
  • Don't slouch, fold your arms or lean on the table during an interview.
  • Research the employer. Employers love to know that you are interested in them.
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