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Graduate Trainee Reflects on Journey

17 September 2021

Congratulations to Courtney Thompson-Elliott, who recently completed her business administration traineeship.

Courtney completed her traineeship under the guidance of the team at 1st Choice Rentals. She has become an integral member of their Credits team and has gained a full-time role since officially completing her qualification in August.

Courtney is one of several My Gateway trainees to complete the final days and weeks of her traineeship while in lockdown as part of the Greater Sydney restrictions, a massive achievement in itself.

We asked Courtney to share a few key takeaways from her traineeship. Once again, well done Courtney!

Q&A with Courtney

What are some of the main skills you have learnt?
I have improved my skills in communication.

What have you enjoyed most about your traineeship?
The new friends and skills I have gained.

What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt during your traineeship?
Everyone is different, try looking at things from their perspective.

Courtney is continuing on in a full-time role at 1st Choice Rentals.

How have you handled any challenges that have come up during your traineeship?
I would ask others around me on how they would handle the situation and went with what I thought was the best option.

How would you describe the support given from your host, 1st Choice, and My Gateway?
The support given to me from 1st Choice and My Gateway has been unreal. They were always there to help with anything.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a business traineeship?
If that is the type of field you want to pursue, go for it. Don’t think twice.