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Why it is Ok to be Unsure About Your Career Path

17 November 2021

We receive many enquiries from young people who are unsure of what career path they want to take. This is normal and something that so many students experience in those final years of high school. While it’s great if you have an idea on what you want to do post-school, it’s fine if you don’t and there are things you can do to help figure it out.

A number of these enquiries we get are from job seekers who are interested in doing an apprenticeship or traineeship, but aren’t quite sure what industry or field they want to break into. If this is you, here are some tips that might guide you towards the right career.

Try different things

If you have an opportunity to do work experience or a trial, give it a go. You might find the career you want or do not want.

Some industries and businesses, particularly your trade areas, prefer putting an apprentice on a trial for a few days to see how the person goes. If this opportunity presents itself to you, take it. Not only will it give you a feel for whether you actually want to work in that field, it also shows the employer your commitment and willingness.

If you have opportunities outside of school to volunteer as part of any community events or through any groups or clubs you are involved with, these experiences can also be invaluable to helping you identify things you enjoy.


Take some time to research industries you are interested in. Before taking the step to gaining employment in a specific industry, it is important to know some information about it.

We always recommend researching an employer before you interview for a job. But also researching a particular industry you would like to get into long before the interview process. If you are that interested in something, learning more about it can only be a positive that hopefully helps when you do get to that all-important stage of an interview. Knowledge is power!

Seek advice and ask questions

Talk to the people you trust in your life about how you are feeling about your career path. Whether it be your parents, careers advisor, friends or any mentors in your life, these people can be great sounding boards to help guide you to making the right decision.

Ask questions about their experiences and their careers. You may have someone in your life who works in a specific industry you have interest in. Talk to them and see if there is an avenue for you to do some volunteering or work placement with.

Other people shouldn’t decide what career path is best for you but their guidance can be very helpful when the time comes for you to make the decision.