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Why Business Administration Traineeships Are the Perfect Career Starter

13 September 2021

By far, one the most popular types of traineeships out there is business administration. We receive countless applications from keen job seekers wanting to kick-start their professional lives by gaining a business qualification.

In the past year alone, My Gateway has placed over 30 employees into business administration traineeships. Most of these trainees have almost finished their Certificate III in Business Administration qualifications.

We anticipate a similar number, possibly more for 2022 and have already begin the recruitment process for some of these roles.

So why is business administration so popular? We break down some of the key reasons.

Transferable Skills for Any Industry

Many of the key skills you develop by doing a business administration are important is any job or industry. Think about the list below – all of them are adaptable in any working environment.

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Organisational skills
  • Customer service

In a business administration traineeship, you learn professional basics like how to use Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Outlook and Word. There aren’t many jobs out there where knowing how to construct an email or document aren’t important.

High Demand

There is high demand for administrative assistants in almost every industry. Job growth for this role in Australia is expected to grow by 10.5% over the next five years.

With a business qualification under your belt, this means there is a huge chance you will land a job.

We have also seen some of our blue-collar clients take on business administration trainees after seeing how successful their apprentices become. We currently have business trainees placed with building and construction clients as well as electrical and manufacturing.

Businesses of all industries are seeing the value a professional and enthusiastic young staff member can bring to their workforce.

From Trainee to Boss

A Certificate III in Business can be the first step in a long and illustrious career. Over the years, we have seen many former trainees move into crucial roles within their business such as a supervisor or manager.

All CEOs and business owners start somewhere, and a traineeship can be the perfect stepping-stone to a successful and professional path.

Many trainees go on to do further study once they finish their initial qualification, whether it be a Certificate IV or Diploma, or even a business degree at University. Adding these strings to your bow will only develop you further and give you a better chance at the career of your dreams.

If a business administration traineeship is something you’re interested in, My Gateway can help you. We have several immediate opportunities available as well as positions for 2022. Browse our vacancies and take the first step to starting your professional career!

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