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Warehousing Trainee Says Patience is Key

18 August 2021

Warehousing trainee, Jayden Davis, says patience has been key to his success of his traineeship.

Jayden, hosted to manufacturer, Carr Australia, is almost at the finish line of his Certificate III in Warehousing Operations. He has learnt the importance of being patient while developing his skills and knowledge.

“I’ve learnt that patience is key to a lot of things in the workplace and life in general. Things can’t just happen at the click of fingers,” said Jayden.

Another thing that has helped Jayden over the past 12 months has been his willingness to ask questions and for help when he’s needed it. This is great advice for any young person in the early days of a traineeship.

“It’s okay to ask as many questions possible and to be patient with not only yourself, but everyone around you. Tell yourself that everything will fall into place,” said Jayden.

Some of the key skills Jayden has developed in his time at Carr include learning to drive a forklift, customer service and communication skills. He also has a much deeper understanding of the warehousing and logistics world.

The trainee hopes to stay on with Carr Australia once he completes his qualification and move into a more senior role with greater responsibilities.

“I hope to be a good role model for the next trainee who steps into my position.”

We wish Jayden the best for the remainder of his traineeship and for the next stage of his career!