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Traineeships the Right Fit Even if Uni is Still on the Cards

27 July 2021

Deciding on what you want to do when you leave school is a massive decision. Each year, we speak with hundreds of young people in schools and at events about this decision and hear the pressures they feel about making the right call for them.

One topic that comes up a lot in these conversations is university. Many students want and end up going to university, which is great. But it’s not the right fit for all and we meet many students who feel a great deal of pressure to go to uni even if it isn’t what they want – or want right now.

Life and work skills first
We meet many young people who are interested in going to university, but want some life and work experience first. Traineeships are a great option if this is how you or your child/student is feeling.

One of the main traineeships we place people in is business administration. We have business trainees hosted to workplaces across a wide variety of industries. These include:

  • local government organisations
  • banking/finance
  • building/construction
  • recruitment

A business administration traineeship will give you important soft skills that can be used in any workplace and your life. By getting a business qualification under your belt, you are giving the next phase in your career a head start by learning the basics of being in the professional world.

University is still an option
If you are still keen to go to university after you have done an apprenticeship or traineeship, you can. Your previous experience could very well work in your favour!

Training through TAFE or another Registered Training Organisation (RTO) fall within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), same with university. This means, if you decide to go to university after you have completed your apprenticeship or traineeship, your TAFE/RTO qualification may count towards your degree, depending on what subject you decide to take.

We have placed many trainees in fields like business, IT, human resources and law who have used their qualifications as a stepping-stone into university, giving them a head start on their degree.

Even if the qualification you want to do at university is completely different to what you did in your apprenticeship or traineeship, think of the skills, confidence and experience you will be taking with you into your new studies? You will know what it takes to prioritise your study as you have already done this and succeeded before. These sorts of skills and knowledge are invaluable and the more strings you can add to your bow, the better!