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Trainee Takes Leap & Finds Happiness in Job

15 October 2021

Meet Laetitia Lett, a business administration trainee who is hosted to Stowe Australia, a leading electrical company. Laetitia, who works in the Sydney Construction Division of Stowe, is nearing the end of her traineeship. Her experience has been incredibly positive after a few years of unhappiness in other jobs since she left school.

We asked Laetitia a few questions to get some insight into her traineeship and to inspire other young people to take the leap and find what they are passionate about!

Q&A with Laetitia

What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt during your traineeship so far?

The most important lessons I have learnt while doing my traineeship is that communication can prevent or fix almost any problem, meaning communicating proactively can prevent the development of almost any problem in any situation. Another lesson is that perfection is the enemy of progress. From time to time, you may make a mistake but that’s okay because you can only learn and grow from it.

What are some of the main skills you have learnt so far?

Some of the main skills I have learnt so far include:

  • an increase in communication skills
  • advanced my computer and literacy skills
  • updating and filing records
  • fast and accurate typing
  • use of general office equipment
  • creating smart documents
  • creating spreadsheets on excel
  • understanding systems like payroll, Pronto and many more!

Why did you want to take on this traineeship?

I wanted to take on this traineeship because since finishing Year 12 in 2018, I’ve worked in multiple industries, but I was never happy in my job. So, I decided why not take the leap and start a traineeship in business as it’s always been something I’ve been interested in. So, I did, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

What else are you looking forward to learning throughout the remainder of your traineeship?

Honestly, I am learning something new every day and have been since my first day. Whether it’s just a shortcut in an excel sheet or it’s learning about Pronto or payroll, every day is something new and I’m excited to see what else I can learn and achieve before I finish of my traineeship at the end of the year.

How have you found the support from your host business, Stowe Australia, and My Gateway?

They have made this year a memorable one! My host business, Stowe Australia, has been so supportive from day one. From the boys on site, to the girls at head office, they have been the best work colleagues I could ask for. They are always there to help and give me amazing advice whether its work related or not. Never a dull moment with them. My Gateway has been supportive all throughout my traineeship. They are always checking up on me to see how thing are going with my traineeship and are always there to help in anyway.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a traineeship like yours?

Go for it! Certificate III in Business Administration is very informative and it’s a foot in the door to many other opportunities to expand your knowledge throughout the business industry. It is also a great opportunity to get amazing work experience from your host business.