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Meet Our First School Based Apprentice

11 June 2019

Meet Jackson Parker, My Gateway’s first school based apprentice!

Jackson, who is a student at John Therry Catholic High School, began his carpentry apprenticeship in March, working one day per week at host employer, Combined Building.

“My experience as a school based apprentice has been very rewarding,” said Jackson.

“I have learnt numerous new skills and being paid is a bonus.”

So far, Jackson has learnt how to install cladding, eves and fascias. He has also helped make concrete letterboxes.

Jackson’s mother, Cassandra, has seen the positive effect the apprenticeship has had on her son.

“The apprenticeship has created a positive impact on his future,” she said.

“He feels he is closer to achieving his dream to design and build homes.”

Jackson hopes his apprenticeship in carpentry can guide him down the path of architecture.

“I love seeing what is involved in building a home,” he said.

“I hope to branch into architecture, so I can then design and build beautiful homes.”

A school based apprenticeship incorporates school, paid work and formal training whilst the student gains credit towards their HSC. Once they complete their HSC, it means they have completed the first year of their full apprenticeship. To be eligible to undertake a school based apprenticeship, the student must be at least 15 years old.

Cassandra believes more parents should look at this pathway for their child if they have genuine interest in a trade while still at school.

“I would recommend parents to contact My Gateway before trying to source an employer,” said Cassandra.

“The process has been extremely smooth for us.”

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