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Giving Back To The Local Community

17 March 2019

In the ever-changing digital age, libraries have remained relevant and important parts of local communities.

For Lillian Martin, My Gateway’s Library Assistant trainee hosted to Camden Council, her role at the Camden library has brought a lot of positivity, creativity and community spirit into her life.

“I enjoy the people that I work with and getting to interact with the public in such a positive way,” said Lillian.

“I get so involved in my work that my days go by in a flash!”

Being involved with her local Council is something Lillian has wanted to do for a long time and she is enjoying her role immensely.

“I have always wanted to be part of an organisation that gives to the public and being in a library is the perfect environment for that,” she said.

Lillian began her traineeship in January 2019, and in this time, she has already learnt a lot about technology, taking care of books and connecting with people. She is keen to grow her knowledge and skills, and plan for her future beyond the next year.

“I am looking forward to learning more on how libraries and the Council work, and where I can see myself fitting in once my traineeship ends,” said Lillian.

Lillian’s supervisor, Wendy Wilkins, believes the library’s newest trainee has slotted into her role nicely.

“Lillian is a very competent and capable staff member who has shown great commitment to the role and the duties of a library assistant,” said Wendy.

“She has demonstrated in a short period of time that she is a reliable and effective team player who completes her tasks on time to a very high standard.”

As someone with experience in taking on a traineeship, what advice would Lillian give to other young people looking to do the same? Be yourself.

“It can build your confidence and show a willingness to help others,” she said.