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From One Traineeship to the Next

21 December 2020

We see many trainees continue their professional development with their host business in the shape of another qualification.

We currently have several trainees who are undertaking a second certificate, having already completed their first. One of those trainees is Liteesha Decelis, hosted to BCD Community Care. You might recall the trainee sharing her story in the early days of her traineeship.

The team at BCD are very impressed with Liteesha’s work ethic and progress over the last year. Her efforts have been rewarded with a fantastic opportunity for more skill development through a Certificate IV in Business Administration.

Liteesha “feels great” about the opportunity and is grateful to be continuing her placement with BCD.

“I am looking forward to continuing to work with my host employer BCD Community Care and furthering my skills and experience,” said Liteesha.

Liteesha is open to what’s in store for her next, having learnt a lot in her Certificate III.

“I don’t have anything specific that I am keen to learn as of yet, but I am looking forward to furthering my skills in all areas covered by the Certificate IV.”

Liteesha’s experience in her traineeship makes her a great role model to young people looking to get into traineeships. She has some sound advice to share with them.

“I would advise other young people to give it a go. I feel that it is the best way to learn as you are working and getting on the job experience, while getting your qualifications. Plus, there is the bonus of getting paid throughout the traineeship.”Liteesha Decelis is now taking on a Certificate IV in Business Administration.