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Camden Students Take On New Trades Program

19 March 2019

My Gateway has selected students from Camden High School to engage with different trades in a new program to encourage apprenticeship pathways.

My Gateway’s Trade Engagement Program launched at the beginning of this year, with 17 Year 10 Camden High students participating. The students attend TAFE NSW Campbelltown one day per week, gaining hands-on experience and exposure to different trades, with engineering the focus of Term 1. The students will also undertake work experience as part of the program.

“The program with My Gateway allows the boys to get a taste of a variety of skills and trades, as well as work readiness and personal skills,” explained Tim French, Deputy Principal – Stage 5, Camden High School. “My hope is that the boys develop a deeper understanding of the broad range of skills out in the workforce, and mature in their perspective of what the ‘real world’ looks like.”

The program was created to support those students who are interested in leaving school to explore apprenticeship pathways.

“This program allows us to provide a targeted program of support to the boys’ learning at school, as well as orient their motivation towards the goal of entering the workforce at the end of the year,” said Mr. French.

My Gateway’s School to Work Partner, Greg Belle, has spent each Friday with the students and has seen a lot of growth since the term’s first class.

”It’s been incredible to see the students in this environment,” he said. “There have been some learning curves for them, but this experience is definitely setting them up for a win as they learn the tools and the difference a millimetre can make.”

My Gateway’s Chief Executive Officer, Shelley Bullock said the organisation is proud to lead the community-focused program.

“My Gateway is proud to be the driver of the Trade Engagement Program that is designed to give students from the local community an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of the apprenticeship pathways that are available to them,” said Ms. Bullock.

“We’re excited to see the outcomes of this program and to see the students in full-time apprenticeships at the completion of school.”