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Apprentices & Trainees Continue to Cross the Finish Line

29 April 2022

We are heading towards the middle part of 2022 (where has that time gone?) and it has been great to see so many of our apprentices and trainees complete their placements this year.

Apprenticeships and traineeships can feel like a long road at times, and it takes a lot of commitment to get through those days where the finish line seems very far away.

Well done to all of our apprentices and trainees who have recently crossed that finish line – you should be very proud of yourselves!

A few of our recent apprentice and trainee graduates!


If you are a young person looking to feel how these recent graduates are feeling having finished their qualifications, we want to hear from you! Check out our current vacancies to see what opportunities you might be interested in. Or give us a call on 1800 993 200 or shoot us an email at

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