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Apprentices Important For Baker & Provan’s Future

12 February 2019

Long-standing engineering specialist Baker & Provan has worked with My Gateway for over a decade, producing many outstanding apprentices over the years.

The St Marys-based business is an engineering operations company, established in 1946 after Arthur Baker and Don Provan bought an optical profile grinder. The company specialises in manufacturing of equipment across industries including rail, marine, defence and mining.

Over the years, Baker & Provan Production Manager, Terry Carabott, has seen the My Gateway apprentices play a pivotal role in the company’s continued success.

“Baker & Provan has over 18 different types of machines (small to large) and a large metal fabrication shop that requires personnel to operate, be skilled in labour and have knowledge of our machines, which is paramount to ensure Baker & Provan’s future,” explained Terry.

“Apprentices play a big part as the training that is performed during their apprenticeship enables them to become part of our future business.”

The strong relationship between Baker & Provan and My Gateway, has helped make this program a success, according to Terry.

“The relationship we have with My Gateway is what makes it work,” he said.

“[It’s] great communication from the onset of starting an apprentice to the completion of their apprenticeship, with all the monthly follow ups, TAFE reports & phone communication.”

So what advice does Terry and the Baker & Provan team have if you’re an aspiring engineering apprentice wanting to work with them? It’s all about attitude.

“We look for attitude to work, as most things can be taught to the right person if they have the right work attitude,” said Terry.

Some other tips from Terry and Baker & Provan on what it takes to be a successful apprentice are:

    • Attendance
    • Respect the tradesperson(s) guiding and teaching you
    • Work hard at TAFE