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Support the Key to Traineeship Success

25 March 2021

Featured image from left to right – Donna Illesca,  former Student Adviser at ACCM, Mikayla Gauci, My Gateway’s 2019 Trainee of the Year and Kelly Lee, Student Adviser at ACCM. Photo: My Gateway.

The combination of on-the-job training and study are key to young employees getting the most out of their apprenticeships and traineeships.

My Gateway has enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with registered training organisation, Australian College of Commerce & Management (ACCM). ACCM is our main training provider of administration-based traineeships.

Throughout this partnership, many My Gateway trainees have completed their qualifications. This has set them up for further success in their careers. This success is a result of the trainees being put first, according to Tania Holmes, ACCM’s Director of Client Relations.

“We believe that good things happen in VET education when everyone is focused on the best interests of the trainee,” said Tania.

“Both My Gateway and ACCM have a long tradition of setting trainees up for success, making sure they have the learning resources, experienced supervisors and ongoing learning support they need to achieve their traineeship goals.”

My Gateway’s Employment Services Manager, Adam Farmer, agrees, acknowledging a “shared purpose” between the organisations.

“The partnership between My Gateway and ACCM is long and successful because we share common goals and values. Our shared purpose is to support every one of our trainees to develop into valuable employees through the ever-valuable combination of knowledge and real-world experience.”

Working with ACCM, Adam has witnessed a strong blend of care for trainees mixed with strong systems and processes from the training provider.

“ACCM’s trainers work closely with our team and they genuinely care about the success of our trainees,” said Adam.

“Their automated student progress reporting sets the industry standard and allows us to monitor and support each trainee as they complete a qualification as part of their traineeship.”

The input from the trainees is also crucial to their own success. This is something Tania has seen a lot of in her time working with My Gateway.

“Our job is made so much easier with students who love what they do and recognise their traineeship is an opportunity to launch their careers.  And being part of that at the start of their career is extremely rewarding,” she said.

My Gateway and ACCM have helped many trainees graduate over the course of their partnership. Photo: My Gateway.

ACCM has been providing high quality training and education to students since 1996. Tania believes in this time, the college has identified the formula for success.

“Start with trainees who want to succeed, give them quality materials, caring support staff with actual industry experience and expertise and finally, reach out to them and let them know you want to help,” she said.

Having worked with many trainees over the years, Tania has a lot of understanding of how a young person can get the best out of their traineeship experience.

“Take it seriously and look for chances to grow your experiences by asking questions and seeking opportunities to develop your skills on the job,” she said.

“Rarely in your professional life will you be surrounded by a strong and passionate support structure aimed solely at ensuring your success.”