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One thing we hear a lot of budding apprentices say is that they want a job outdoors and there are several industries we work in that tick this box.

Here are a few trades we think you should look into if you are wanting a career that’s filled with sun, fun and professional growth!

Carpentry Apprenticeship

Carpentry offers a career working outdoors, building everything from housing features like walls, floorboards and frames. This hands-on trade includes repairing structures and fixtures made of wood, plywood and other materials, ensuring quality craftsmanship and safety are adhered to.

A carpentry apprentice will undertake either a Certificate III in Carpentry or Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery.

Key tasks

  • Reviewing blueprints and choosing materials for layouts
  • Selecting tools, equipment, and materials for the tradespeople
  • Erecting wall frames, ceilings and roofs for houses and small commercial buildings
  • Installing window frames, doors, door frames, skirting boards and cornices

A carpentry apprentice working

Where it can lead to

A carpentry apprenticeship can lead to a number of career options including running your own business. Some of the other outcomes include:

  • Project manager
  • Job site supervisor
  • Foreperson

Horticulture Apprenticeship

Horticulture offers a rewarding career working outdoors, preparing and maintaining seedbeds and growing sites. Apprentices will plant flowers, trees, hedges and bushes for commercial and residential properties, assess and maintain sporting fields and golf courses, and ensure safety practices are adhered to.

A horticulture apprenticeship can include will see you complete either a Certificate III in Horticulture – Parks & Gardens and Certificate III in Horticulture – Sports Turf Management.

Key tasks

  • Controlling plant pests, diseases and disorders
  • Propagating and planting trees, bushes, hedges, flowers and bulbs
  • Maintaining planted and grassed areas by weeding, trimming, fertilising and watering
  • Preparing and maintaining lawn areas by spreading topsoil, laying turf and mowing

Where it can lead to

A horticulture apprenticeship could see you take on a team leader or management role. You could also start up your own horticulture business.

Landscaping Apprenticeship

Landscaping represents one of Australia’s fastest-growing industries, linked to the housing boom. This career path involves landscaping large and small construction projects either on residential or commercial sites.

A landscaping apprentice will undertake a Certificate III in Landscape Construction.

Key tasks

  • Maintaining and preparing seedbeds and growing sites
  • Planting flowers, trees, hedges and bushes for commercial and residential properties
  • Setting out hardscape structures such as retaining walls
  • Designing garden beds

Where it can lead to

As well as owning your own business, a landscaping apprenticeship could see you become a landscape designer or project manager.

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