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Over the years, My Gateway has enjoyed strong partnerships with many local government councils across Sydney, including Liverpool City Council.

Our partnership with Liverpool began in 2011, with 11 apprentices and trainees having successfully completed their qualifications in this time. These employees have worked across a variety of areas including Business Administration, Horticulture, IT and Mobile Plant.

Horticulture has been the key component of our program with Liverpool in recent years, and we have two apprentices, Elizabeth Pinnington and Riley Cunningham, set to complete their trades within the next 12 months.

My Gateway’s current Horticulture apprentices hosted to Liverpool City Council, Elizabeth Pinnington and Riley Cunningham. Photo: My Gateway.

Attitude is everything

It is the can do attitude of the young horticulture apprentices that has impressed Douglas Harris, Council’s Parks Coordinator (Trees), the most in his time as a supervisor.

“Over the years that I have been involved with the apprentices from My Gateway, it has been an eye-opener [just] how willing some of the apprentices are to accept new ideas. For the most part they have been trusting and willing to jump in and have a go,” he said.

Apprentice Elizabeth featured in our Ladies Can Be Tradies initiative in 2019, sharing her experience as a female apprentice in a male-dominated industry. Elizabeth feels supported in her apprenticeship regardless of any challenges she has faced.

“Having the support of both Liverpool City Council and My Gateway has helped me throughout my apprenticeship as I feel like I am always supported every step of the way and there is always someone willing to help if I ever need,” she said.

An open line of communication

Douglas believes the partnership between My Gateway and Liverpool has worked so well because of the strong communication between the two parties.

“An open line of communication is needed for any professional partnership to be effective,” he said.

“Whenever a difficult situation has needed to be resolved, I have found that the people involved worked quickly and effectively to come up with a mutually acceptable solution. My Gateway has always had a dedicated person available to be contacted at any time of the day making it an easy and personal experience when a need arises for communication between Council and My Gateway.”

Future-proofing the workforce

With apprenticeships a key part to rebuilding Australia’s economy and workforce due to the impact of Covid-19, programs like the one we have enjoyed with Liverpool are as important as ever. They are also crucial to any organisation looking to build skilled and valuable employees, according to Douglas.

“I personally believe that any apprenticeship program is important to any longstanding enterprise for the development of suitable staff,” he said.

“This allows for a pool of trained personnel to progress through an organisation as current staff get older or move onto other opportunities. I have recognised that when apprentices successfully complete their apprenticeships and move on to full time employment, a large percentage of them will be motivated to continue further studies and better themselves professionally.”


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