Carpenter Reflects on His Apprenticeship Journey

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Congratulations to Benjamin Woods, who recently completed his carpentry apprenticeship. Benjamin completed his Certificate III in Carpentry while hosted to Beacon Building Services, gaining a great deal of knowledge and skills to help him move forward in the building industry. Here, Benjamin shares a bit about his experience as an apprentice.

How does it feel to have completed your trade certificate?

It feels great, it give me a massive sense of accomplishment knowing that I’ve completed an apprenticeship and have achieved the skills I have.

What are some of the main skills you have learnt?

I’ve learnt how to build homes, and conduct major and minor repairs to buildings. I’ve also learnt how the construction of buildings can effect every day living and also the environment.

What are you most proud of achieving throughout your apprenticeship?

Being nominated for apprentice of the year (My Gateway Apprentice & Trainee Awards, 2019). After that it would be knowing that I can go to a job (whether it be building from new or repair) and get the job done and stand back to appreciate what I’ve done. You can go into the job and see the before and after and you know that you and your team got it done.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship?

Being outdoors nearly every day, the people I’ve worked with and the experiences I’ve been able to enjoy .

How would you describe the support you have received from your host, Beacon Building Services, and My Gateway, throughout your apprenticeship?

The support has been awesome. If I’ve had any questions they have always been answered. And Beacon Building Services have been great, allowing me to have flexibility on jobs and always offering me experience in different fields.

 What is next for you now that you are a qualified carpenter?

Now that I’m a carpenter, I would love to build up my time and skills on the tools so I can then eventually get into supervising or estimation as I believe the time on the tools will help be get a better understanding of how jobs are to run smoothly.

What advice would you give to anyone considering taking on a carpentry apprenticeship?

Do it. The knowledge and skills you learn can be used anywhere in the world. Its not just timber that you use in carpentry, you get a chance to do lots of different things, many different building practices and most of the time, no two days are the same.


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