Apprentice Now Proud to be a Qualified Tradesman

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Congratulations to Dean Micallef who recently completed his apprenticeship. Dean is now a qualified plant mechanic having completed his Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology, while hosted to Hawkesbury City Council.

How does it feel to have completed your apprenticeship? 

Completing my trade certificate is an overwhelming feeling after these long four years.

What are some of the main things you have learned? 

One main skill I learnt is how an engine works, from start to finish. Also that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it.

What are you most proud of achieving throughout your apprenticeship?

The thing I’m most proud about is to finally say I’m a tradesman.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship?

The thing I have enjoyed the most is finding new mates through my co-workers.

How would describe your support you have received from your host, Hawkesbury City Council and My Gateway?

The support I have had from My Gateway and Hawkesbury City Council has been very helpful during the past four years. [They’ve helped me] with learning new skills, keeping me on track and making sure I’m always safe and ready to learn.

What is next for you now that are you a qualified tradesman? 

In my next step now that I’m a tradesman, I’d like to get a full time job and see what happens from there.

What advice would you give to anyone considering taking on an apprenticeship? 

My advice would be to work hard and if you put your mind to it you, will achieve what you want.


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