School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships – What You Need to Know

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This time of year is when students in Year 10 really start to think about what their final two years of school will look like. This means it’s also the perfect time for any students considering a school based apprenticeship or traineeship to get in touch with us!

My Gateway currently employs five school based apprentices and trainees across a variety of fields including business administration, carpentry and heavy vehicle. As we move into the second half of 2020, we are looking to help young people interested in this pathway to make those dreams come true.

Tyrell Ao is one of our current school based apprentices, hosted to long-term partner, CJD Equipment.

What is a school based apprenticeship/traineeship?

A school based apprenticeship or traineeship combines school, paid work and study of a qualification during a student’s HSC years. The certificate the apprentice/trainee works towards as part of their position is a nationally recognised qualification. School based apprenticeships and traineeships are available to year 10 students, to complete in Year 11 and 12. Once the student has completed their HSC, the following January they continue their apprenticeship as a 2nd year and commence full time employment. For school based trainees, they complete the full requirement of the traineeship by the time they finish their HSC. In order to successfully complete the school based apprenticeship or traineeship, students must complete a minimum number of days of paid employment. This can range from 100 – 180 days depending on what qualification they are completing.

Impact on HSC

School based apprenticeships and traineeships can contribute to HSC subjects. They provide roughly four credit points and are equivalent to two subjects. Some school based apprenticeships and traineeships are ATAR and others are non-ATAR courses. If the apprenticeship or traineeship is an ATAR course, the student will have to undertake a HSC exam.

Work, school and study

School based apprentices work one day per week and attend one day at TAFE. In most cases, school based trainees work one day per week at work and complete their qualification during work time via correspondence. The remaining days within the week, the student attends school and completes the rest of their subjects. It is the student’s responsibility to work with their teachers to make up classes they have missed when they have been at work and/or TAFE.

If you are interested in a school based apprenticeship or traineeship, or would like more information on this pathway, our School to Work team are happy to help. Please email or call 1800 993 200.


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