Camden Council Trainee Nominated for Regional Award

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Congratulations are in order for Camden Council trainee, Mikayla Gauci, who has been nominated for an award at the upcoming NSW Training Awards for the Southern/South Western Sydney region.

Mikayla won My Gateway’s Certificate III Trainee and Overall Trainee of the Year in 2019. 

The awards broadcast will take place next month, and Mikayla is thrilled to be in the mix in the trainee category.

“I am very excited and happy to be nominated. I’m nervous for the next round but I feel honoured to get this far.”

Mikayla has another round of interviews with Training Services NSW and depending on the results at the upcoming regional event, she could be in the running for the Trainee of the Year award at the state event later this year.

Accolades like these are very humbling for Mikayla, and they reinforce she is on the right track when it comes to her traineeship.

“Being nominated for awards is reassuring that what I’m doing in my traineeship is right and is the best I can do for my team,” she said.

“It gives me a lot of confidence that my team believe in me and my work. It also gives me the opportunity to push myself to do more as now I have the confidence to do so.”

Mikayla is currently undertaking her Certificate IV in Human Resources, after completing a Certificate III in Business Administration. Last year, Mikayla took home My Gateway’s Certificate III Trainee of the Year and Overall Trainee of the Year awards for her efforts and commitment in her role at Camden Council. She has learnt valuable knowledge and skills in both courses.

“In my Certificate III Business Administration course, I was able to learn the basics for my current course. It has allowed me to present ideas in new and different, detailed and effective ways and has allowed me to be more efficient in my work,” Mikayla explained.

“In my current course I have learnt HR legislation, processes and skills including the recruitment process, WHS legislation and performance management techniques. The best parts of my current course has been my mock phone ‘interview’ and creating brochures for assessments.”

Like many My Gateway trainees, Mikayla is also experiencing the challenges of the current global situation and working from home. While there are some things she hasn’t be able to do as much of during this time, Mikayla is taking this moment as an opportunity to develop her skills further.

“Working from home during the COVID-19 situation has given me an opportunity to work on the educational side of my traineeship and focus more on the processes and procedures in Human Resources. I have been able to create new processes that have allowed me to work from home without the equipment I normally use, like printers and scanners, which have made me more resourceful and organised.”

We wish Mikayla all the best with her upcoming award nomination!


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