New Trainee Adapts Well During COVID-19 Situation

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The COVID-19 situation has changed everyone’s lives in recent times, and our trainees are no exception to that. Over the coming months, we will be sharing stories from our trainees who have had to adapt to their new working environments from home.

Ariana Marcelino was only days into beginning her business administration traineeship with host business, Training Services NSW, when she had to transition from the office to working from home.

The trainee was able to experience a few key events in her first week including an International Women’s Day morning tea, so she felt positive about her traineeship right away and has maintained that positivity in this new working environment.

“I say make the most out of it, everything is a learning opportunity, and even if you are working from home, you are still working.”

According to Ariana’s supervisor, Elloise Sheldrick, the trainee has taken everything in her stride the last few weeks.

“Ariana has done so well moving to the agile environment so quickly after starting her traineeship,” Elloise said.

“She has not shown any issues or hesitation utilising the online programs to connect to the team and learn her role in the office. She is doing very well.”

Ariana is learning a great deal in spite of the unorthodox start to her traineeship and has been able to adapt to new processes the organisation has implemented because of the COVID-19 situation.

“There have been a lot of changes to processes due to the situation, so this week I’ve transitioned to now calling learners and employers on my work mobile about cancellations. I have also been processing changes to apprentice and trainee details.”

The support Ariana has received during this period has really helped the young employee find her feet.

“I’m feeling really supported by everyone,” Ariana said.

“If I need help, I can use Microsoft Teams containing the people in my team/department. I have Skype for Business to message or call my supervisor.”

Elloise believes technology is key in maintaining regular communication with Ariana and ensuring she is learning the correct tasks and information.

“We are able to communicate at any time during the day using applications like Skype for Business, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We instant message frequently throughout the day, it may be to check in and see how Ariana is doing or if she has a question, but either way we have that contact.”

There are many young people working from home across the country, just like Ariana, and she has some great tips for those looking to keep a routine during this uncertain time.

“The times when you are out of work, or during the hours you’d normally be on the train, walking to work, or getting ready—you should use to build a new routine where you do things to better yourself. Then after COVID-19 is over, you will find that you have established habits.”

Ariana is also taking time to focus on her hobbies during this situation, including reading and socialising with her friends while playing Minecraft. She is doing some online short courses through TAFE NSW to continue to further her skills and knowledge.

Ariana also has some great advice for those who might be struggling, particularly with the concept of social distancing.

“Limit your time with the negativity of news as much as possible like once a day, take walks in the sun, because I know the nature of isolation implies staying inside all day,” Ariana explained.

“I’ve heard or read somewhere that social distancing is not intended to be social avoidance, so realise that you should reach out, to friends, family, or support services.”


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