Plumber Proud of Skills Gained During Apprenticeship

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James Roulis is a recent apprentice graduate, having completed his plumbing trade in March, 2020. James undertook his apprenticeship at host business, Fairfield City Council, and has enjoyed being in such a supportive environment the last four years. Here, he shares some of what he learnt throughout his trade and what he hopes to do next.

James Roulis
James is now a qualified plumber! Photo credit: My Gateway. 

How does it feel to have completed your apprenticeship?

It’s a great feeling to finally complete my apprenticeship. Over the past four years I’ve pushed to get my certificate and I have finally completed it.

What are you most proud of achieving throughout your apprenticeship?

The skills I’ve picked up during the course of my apprenticeship. And also getting a trade certificate.

What did you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

Being in a team, working with my fellow workmates and being on different job sites, learning new skills.

How would you describe the support you were given from your host, Fairfield City Council, and My Gateway?

The support was great, I had no problems. If I ever had a question or felt unsafe, both Fairfield City Council and My Gateway were there to help.

What do you hope to do now that you have completed your apprenticeship?

To complete my license and get my Certificate IV in Plumbing.

What advice would you give to anyone considering taking on a plumbing apprenticeship?

Just do it, plumbing is a great trade and I’ve learnt many skills from it.


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