Trade Engagement – Where Are They Now? Matthew Debono

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Matthew Debono was a participant in last year’s Camden High School Trade Engagement Program. He finished the program during Term 3 to begin his apprenticeship in sheet metal fabrication and is now halfway through his first year, with the company, Stainform Industries.

Left – Matthew receiving his toolbox during last year’s Trade Engagement Program; Right – Matthew at TAFE earlier this month, applying his skills in sheet metal fabrication. 

Matthew recommends students who are looking to start an apprenticeship, explore options such as work experience and programs like Trade Engagement. He has shared an update on his apprenticeship and what he learnt from last year’s program.

What are some of your regular tasks?

Welding, drilling and fabricating.

What skills or knowledge have you used from the Trade Engagement Program in the first year of your apprenticeship?

Using hand tools, measuring things correctly, working with other people and working together.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

I like the tasks that I’m doing. I like the trade because it’s the same as what we did in Term 1 [in the Trade Engagement Program]. That term made me find and like this trade.

How would you say the Trade Engagement Program has helped you in your apprenticeship so far?

It helped me get more knowledge about the trade before I even started [working] in it. When we did the work experience at the end of the terms, it gave me more understanding of how to work with other people.


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