Traineeship ‘Best of Both Worlds’ for Keana

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My Gateway trainee, Keana Gobbi, believes combining study with employment has given her the “best of both worlds” at host business, Toyota Material Handling Australia.

Keana began her Certificate III in Business Administration in October 2019, and is shining in her role within the Sales Procurement & Distribution Team at the Moorebank branch.

Keana commenced her traineeship in October. Photo: My Gateway. 

“The combination of studying while being employed full time is a win-win for me and is exactly what I needed and wanted.”

Keana has learnt a great deal in the first half of her traineeship, taking on lots of responsibility throughout her journey.

“My role with Toyota Material Handling Australia is assisting the team with day to day tasks, including orders, invoicing and any general tasks within Sales,” she explained.

“One of the many skills I have learnt, with the help of my team leader who has guided me, is the process of inputting orders, liaising the product managers and salespeople to enable the processing of orders in a timely fashion.”

This example highlights Keana’s ability to adapt and grow in other ways, with the trainee explaining that gaining more skills and knowledge has arisen from learning a specific process.

“While learning this [order processing], I have also learnt time management skills, foundational skills and have gained confidence in the working word.”

Lina Sammut, Toyota Material Handling Australia’s Sales Procurement & Distribution Team Leader, has spent the last few months supervising and guiding Keana throughout her traineeship and has been impressed by what she has seen.

“Keana has already proven herself to be a key player in our department,” said Lina.

“She has been given certain tasks which she solely looks after for me and is also the support and back-up for the team.”

Keana’s positive attitude and strong work ethic have also impressed Lina.

“She is very keen to learn, asks lots of questions and makes notes to ensure she understands each part of her role. She also has a very lovely, bubbly personality and is very approachable.”

Keana hopes to improve on her general administration duties and knowledge throughout the remainder of her traineeship and she is confident she will continue to enjoy the experience.

“I have enjoyed a firsthand experience into the working world in the best place possible,” she explained.

“I have learnt more than I can imagine and still continue to learn daily. Not only do I learn the ins and outs of the role but also life experiences from my team around me.”


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