Traineeship Graduate Ready for Next Career Step

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Recent graduate, Joshua Zufferey, is confident the skills he learnt during his traineeship, will help him in any career he pursues next.

“Now that I have this qualification and experience, I hope to use my skills for the next step in my career.”

Joshua with his graduation certificate. Photo: My Gateway.

Joshua completed his Certificate III in Business Administration at host business, Hunter’s Hill Council. The experience proved invaluable for Joshua, as he had the chance to work in several departments throughout the one-year course.

“I have learnt skills from many different departments throughout the Council, for example in Strategic Planning, I learnt how to write a policy. I also learnt the basics of procedures throughout the organisation such as WH&S.”

Joshua is proud of the mark he believes he has left on Council and of the way he navigated change during his traineeship.

“I came to Council during a large organisational change,” he explained.

“The most challenging part about this is I was learning old and new procedures and programs from the organisation and helping out departments throughout the process.”

Now that he has completed his traineeship, Joshua is weighing up his options on what to do next. Whatever path he chooses, he is confident the skills he learnt during his traineeship are interchangeable and he will be able to use them to adapt to any workplace.

“Now that I have this qualification and experience I hope to use my skills for the next step in my career. I have been taught useful life skills that can be used in any job, such as taking calls and writing to customers in formal ways.”

The Hunters Hill local has some sound advice for other young people looking to use a traineeship as a career stepping-stone.

“The advice I would give to someone looking to begin a Business Administration traineeship is to try to do your best and look for ways to do more than what your job asks you to do,’ said Joshua.

“I found that I got the most out of this opportunity by doing jobs such as staying back on a Monday to help broadcast the Council meetings and always asking around for work if I was free.”


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