What Does a Carpentry Apprenticeship Involve?

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Carpentry is one of many trade industries that My Gateway offers apprenticeships in. Carpentry apprentices undertake a Certificate III in Carpentry, learning a variety of skills to enable them to work in the building industry.

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Regular Tasks

A carpentry apprenticeship will see you perform a variety of regular tasks. These include:

  • Setting out an outline of the building on the ground of the site, using string and pegs to allow for excavations
  • Constructing formwork into which concrete is poured to form the ‘slab’ or base of a building
  • Build floors, wall frameworks (timber or metal) and roofs, and lay timber floors
  • Read and interpret plans and specifications to determine the dimensions, materials required and installation processes to be followed
  • Cut materials with hand and power tools, and assemble, nail, cut or shape parts
  • Install door handles, locks, hardware, flooring underlay, insulating material and other fixtures
Skill Requirements for Success

To be successful in your carpentry apprenticeship, you will need to develop strong skills in the following areas:

  • Practical and manual work
  • Problem solving
  • Spatial awareness
  • Ability to work from drawings

If you are interested in doing a carpentry apprenticeship, you can search our Current Vacancies or fill out our Expression of Interest form.


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