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Over the years, My Gateway has formed strong ties with many of its host businesses, including engineering specialists, Sevaan Group.

The Sydney-based company is a leader in metal fabrication, and has partnered with My Gateway since 2011.

Rahim, Joshua and Abbey are the current crop of My Gateway apprentices hosted to Sevaan Group. Photo credit: My Gateway.

There have been many My Gateway apprentices flourish at Sevaan Group in that time and the company currently has three engineering apprentices on its books. Abbey Lyden is a first year Sheet Metal apprentice, Rahim Ahmad Junior is a second year Fitting & Machining apprentice, and Joshua Stubbs is a Fitting & Machining apprentice, who is only a few months away from completing his qualification.

Steven Varrica, Chief Operating Officer at Sevaan Group, understands the importance of the business nurturing and developing these apprentices.

“We have identified that there is a real shortage of skilled workers for our industry and therefore, we need to grow and promote our own,” said Steven.

“We also see it as an opportunity to help with the surrounding communities, as this is one of our core values at Sevaan.”

Budding engineering apprentices need to have a willingness to participate and learn, according to Steven.

“I too was an apprentice and soon realised that if I put in the effort, it will come back to you 10-fold,” he said.

In order for these apprentices to succeed, the partnership between My Gateway and the host business needs to be strong. This is a key reason why Steven believes many apprentices have done well in their time at Sevaan Group.

“My Gateway has been our preferred partner because they understand our requirements,” explained Steven.

“I have had a longstanding relationship with their team and it has proven to be fruitful over many years. They also tick the box on caring for the apprentices, as they see them as not just a number but also as someone who can contribute to society.”

As Sevaan Group continues to look to the future growth of its business, Steven has some advice for aspiring young engineers looking to begin an apprenticeship – you need to be able to move with industry trends.

“Engineering trades were always considered to be “dirty” trades,” he explained.

“There has been a big shift towards emerging trends such as Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence. The traditional tradesman is no longer just a button pusher, but a highly skilled person with both trade knowledge and the skills to be proficient in both these emerging trends.”

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