From Apprentice To Host: Josh Finocchiaro

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Undertaking an apprenticeship can lead to a variety of different roles and career paths – including business owner!

Josh started Ridgetop Constructions not long after he completed his carpentry apprenticeship. Photo credit: My Gateway.

Josh Finocchiaro is an example of how an apprenticeship can lead to you running your own. He completed his carpentry apprenticeship through My Gateway in 2014, and soon after, began his own business called Ridgetop Constructions.

“I’ve always had a passion for carpentry and always wanted to start my own business,” said Josh.

Josh was very happy with his own experience as an apprentice with My Gateway, so he came to us to assist him with finding the right employees for his business. He currently manages two My Gateway apprentices – Nathan and Sheldon, who are both working hard and developing well in their roles. Sheldon, who is in the 4th Year of his carpentry apprenticeship, is one of our finalists at this year’s My Gateway Apprentice & Trainee Awards.

Josh (middle) with his two My Gateway apprentices – Nathan (left) and Sheldon (right). Photo credit: My Gateway. 

“I really enjoy teaching my apprentices skills and watching the journeys they go along,” said Josh.

Josh’s experience as an apprentice and now as a mentor to other apprentices means he has plenty of advice to give to anyone wanting to start their carpentry trade.

“One of the key things that I learnt through my apprenticeship was to always be reliable and rock up on time [to work],” said Josh.

“One piece of advice I would give to any up and coming apprentices is make sure you put in the hard yards at the start and it will all pay off in the end.”


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