My Gateway Launches Ladies Can Be Tradies

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My Gateway is aiming to increase the number of women in non-traditional trades over the next year, as part of a new initiative called Ladies Can Be Tradies.

My Gateway currently employs women across a variety of trades, including Bricklaying, Civil Construction, Electrical, Engineering, Heavy Vehicle and Horticulture, but wants to increase overall female apprentice numbers in 2019.

“It’s important to encourage young women to follow the career paths they are interested in, and we want My Gateway to be the link to help them feel comfortable and confident in a trade,” said Shelley Bullock, My Gateway CEO.

Helena Aroutsidis is a Plant Mechanic apprentice at Wollondilly Shire Council. Photo credit: My Gateway. 

The initiative will also focus on increasing awareness of the challenges women can face when working in trades and the support that is available to help them. My Gateway will also tap into its school networks to educate and encourage young women to follow trade pathways.

“While the initiative is about increasing overall apprentice numbers, it is also an opportunity to create awareness and educate young women, parents and employers that women are valuable and important employees in trades,” said Denise McGrath, My Gateway Board Member.

Over the coming months, you will see more stories on My Gateway’s female apprentices so stay tuned.


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